Why Do Some Students Feel Stressed about Taking the SAT and ACT?

SAT or ACT exams are gateways to your dream subject at a renowned college or university. Many high school graduates consider these aptitude tests to be the most difficult examinations of their lives. However, due to the immense pressure of qualifying and the complexity of the question, many students get stressed just because of the SAT exam and suffer from depression. But exactly why do some students feel stressed about taking the SAT and ACT?

The common reasons behind this kind of depression or anxiety include:

  • The competitive atmosphere
  • A huge amount of questions to solve in a short time
  • Pushing inner self for SAT examination more than anything or over-expectations

Whatever the case, the syllabus of the SAT or ACT is not that huge. Students who have done well with the basics of high school topics can easily deal with questions that challenge their analytical abilities. So, you can say that the syllabus or amount of topics is not to be blamed here. The fall in mental health causes all the stress until exam day.

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Why Do Some Students Feel Stressed about Taking the SAT and ACT? 4 Key Reasons

There can be many reasons why a teenager can suffer from stress before any examination. Lack of preparation isn’t always the main thing here. We’re focusing on 4 primary reasons for such depression below.

  • Not Having Confidence in the Preparation

No matter how well you’ve prepared yourself for the examination, if you’re not confident enough, you’d never get to score higher. You need to keep faith in your hard work and dedication even if the preparation isn’t sufficient.

  • The Number of Applicants

There are millions of high school graduates across the world who depend on the SAT or ACT every year. Young students can easily get scared by the number of applicants, and they can feel that they’re inferior to other applicants.

  • The Pressure from Own and Family Expectations

You can have higher expectations of yourself, and your family can also want you to break your limits. But this stuff can sometimes become a burden to your brain and an obstacle to the simplest of thoughts.

  • A Bad Planning Against the Short Timing

The duration of an SAT exam is 3 hours. So, you must make a really good strategy to at least go through every problem on the question paper. Most students feel stressed when they don’t appear in the exam hall with such plans in mind.

How to Overcome SAT Exam Stresses?

You can consult your SSAT tutor San Mateo or another state to express your stress about the upcoming SAT or ACT. They’d be happy to give you time. Remember, you’re the only one who can keep you together and face the exam without any pressure. So, here are some tips for you

  • Eat Better: A healthy body is the key to your mental health. Don’t skip your meal even if you’re running out of study time. Eat enough to please your appetite.
  • Don’t Overdo Anything: The closer exam date is coming, the more you’ve to study. But there’s no need to be in a rush. Be patient and tak enough time to revise any topic.
  • Prioritize the Basics: SAT exams do test your thinking, reading, and writing abilities. Yet, you should sharpen your basics first before you think of any in depth study.
  • Go Through Previous Exam Papers: When you know the question patterns, ⅓ of your preparation is done. There are many book shops selling previous year SAT questions. Buy those papers and solve them to train your brain.
  • Talk to Yourself: You are the best councelor of yourself. So, have some time to think all by yourself and repeat what you’re aiming to achieve.


Parents often normalize the pre-exam stress of their children. Although it seems harsh, parents are totally wrong in this matter.
Whether taking the SAT or ACT, a student should be sufficiently motivated and should not be burdened by other people’s thoughts. Thus, we suggest that you be frank with yourself and your family to get relief from the burden you’re carrying. And you better not think about other students, only think of what you’re doing and how you’re going to overcome the SAT challenge.

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