What Impact Do Video Games Have On A Child’s Mental Health?


Like humans and machines, the gaming world has also seen significant evolutions through generations. While arcade machines Melbourne stood firm as an example of the glorious ages of arcade gaming, the 21st century became where virtual games have started to take their place. While talking about the video gaming industry, the industry must be one of the most prolific industries in the world. The video gaming industry attracts a range of customers who are sure to maintain their loyalty if they like their game genre. We are talking about the kids or teenagers, half whose life revolves around video games.

Many illustrators, game developers, programmers, and story writers have generated a good amount of income thanks to video game sales. Types of gaming, like arcade games, have numerous benefits like improved muscle and brain coordination. There are also adverse effects, especially on a child’s mental health.

video games impact on children mental health

Impact Of Video Games Over Children:

  • Low To No Self-Esteem:

Having low self-esteem due to circumstances and having the same problem due to game addiction is entirely different. Video games mean a virtual reality that does not relate to real life happenings. This is the reason that the child starts to mix up the real world with the virtual world. The moment they get the reality check that nothing matches the game world, they feel humiliated. In the game world, you can quickly get coins, food, or other power up materials. In real life, you need to fight harsh reality with utter perseverance. Kids who get embroiled in these things end up having low self-esteem.

  • Suffer From Depression:

People with complicated life ends up seeking solace in virtual reality based games. This causes game addiction and does not affect the reality of the child’s complications, and they end up depressed. The negative gaming aspects become so intense that their relationships with parents and friends become detached. Their daily life routine, healthy diet, and other regular routines get imbalanced. All this happens just because the person got addicted to video games instead of seeking help. Although indirect, clinical depression occurs as a result of long-term game addiction.

  • No Motivation:

Although arcade gaming has improved a child’s cognitive abilities and skills, contrary to this, other video games might leave the child with no motivation at all. This hypothesis has not been proven yet, but still, people who are game addicts did show symptoms of demotivation.

  • Anxiety Problems:

The anxiety becomes terrible if someone is constantly playing video games and then suddenly has to go to school or meet someone in real life. Social anxiety increases when someone is addicted to gaming, which might also cause panic attacks.


It is the parent’s sole responsibility to ensure that their children are not suffering from any mental problems. No one should opt for intense video gaming when they have their loved ones to help them escape their problems.


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