Effective Diagnosis And Management Of Osteoarthritis


Disorder or conditions that originate from the bone is the most painful one of all. Bone is the structure or supports the human body requires to function correctly. The problems or conditions humans suffer from the bone are known as orthopedic problems. The doctors specializing in the treatment of bone problems are called orthopedic surgeons. One common orthopedic problem among adults, especially senior citizens, is known as arthritis. Even arthritis is categorized into different cases, and osteoarthritis is the most serious.

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Osteoarthritis affects people worldwide and is one of the sensitive forms of arthritis, as mentioned above. Osteoarthritis affects the joints, especially the joints in the hands, spine, knees, etc. It is vital to understand that one cannot reverse or treat the damaged parts of the joints. However, regular treatment and pain management can maintain the spread of the condition and the damaged part.

Osteoarthritis-Some Common Symptoms:

Remember that you should immediately consult with an orthopedic specialist as soon as you start getting the symptoms. If you manage to treat or at least diagnose the affected part before further damage, then at least you will be saved from any potential danger. The symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • Heavy joint pain in the slightest movement.
  • After you have woken up from a long nap, you will start noticing joint stiffness.
  • If you identify your affected joint area, you will feel it unusually tender while pressing it.
  • The flexibility or the motion ability of those joints will be lessened due to the stiffness.
  • You will start to hear unusual popping and crackling sounds from the affected area.
  • The affected area in the joint will begin to swell a lot.

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Diagnosis Of Osteoarthritis:

There are two ways to diagnose if you have osteoarthritis or not. Your physician will prescribe the correct diagnosis according to the symptoms you have and which will suit you. The diagnosis includes:

X-Ray: If your cartilage is affected, then the whole cartilage will not be shown in the X-Ray. However, the space narrowing between the bones will be demonstrated alongside spurs.

MRI: With its magnetic field and radio waves, it is easy to present a detailed image of bones and tissues and a complete picture of the cartilage. An MRI is unnecessary, as an X-Ray does most of the work. However, in case of complexities in osteoarthritis, it is better to use MRI.

Joint Fluid Analysis: The doctor will take out the joint fluid of the affected area with a unique injection. This will be painful, but the inflammation test determines if the pain is due to osteoarthritis or not.

Treatment Plan For Osteoarthritis:

Acetaminophen: This medication is diagnosed for mild osteoarthritis. However, the overuse of this medication will lead to liver damage.

Duloxetine: An antidepressant, this medication is used to numb the pain from osteoarthritis for some time.

Cortisone Injection: A corticosteroid is an injection used in the joint to numb pain for a few weeks. This injection can be used 3 to 4 times a year.

Bone Realignment: An osteotomy can be performed if one part of the bone is more affected than the other. The surgeon cuts and removes or adds the bone wedge to decrease the bone pressure. In many severe cases, joint replacement can also be performed.


Osteoarthritis is not something to be taken very lightly. Although it may not be terminal at some point, the disease will spread throughout the joints, and the pain will be unimaginable. Hence, it is better to consult a specialist immediately when you notice the symptoms. Here are some important tips to stay fit and healthy as a remote worker.


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