Hazards To Construction Workers’ Health And Safety


Imagine that you want to build a new house for your family so they can be more comfortable. In addition to planning an initial budget, you have requested an exterior and interior design consultation. You have also decided how many rooms or additional spaces to include. Now it comes to the construction part. There are various remodelers twin cities and other parts of the state that provide construction options.

Sometimes, the construction options provided by architectural companies are a bit cheaper than separate construction entities. The point is we always remain engrossed in the potential loss in finance even for home construction that we forget something. We forget about people who risk their health and safety to build us a home sweet home. In this article, we will be giving importance to those specific people who are construction workers in the profession. Thousands of construction workers suffer from illnesses that result from work-related hazards. Sometimes these accidents and diseases are so severe that they cost a person’s life. Hence, we will look at some of the reasons why these accidents happen.

Hazards To Construction Workers’ Health And Safety

Reason For Construction Workers’ Hazards

  • Electrical Accidents:

Numerous case studies show that most construction accidents occur due to electrocution. Setting up an electrical system in a house or building is highly sensitive; one mistake can result in deadly accidents—for example, a worker working in the electrical setting of a decoration like a lamp post. No one was aware of the overhead power of 11kv nearby. As a result, one wiring of the lamppost touched the overhead power resulting in the worker receiving a heavy shock. Moreover, no pre-safety measures were provided to prevent the shock. Although the victim was one, several workers were put at risk.

  • Toxins And Fibers:

Construction of a corporate or industrial building requires installing devices with heavy toxins. Unfortunately, many workers are only provided PPE some of the time. This way, they have no choice but to inhale toxic chemicals and fibers in the air. The workers suffer from skin and lung diseases that might form deadly cancer. Toxins present in glues and pains are also some agents that help spread the chemicals in the air.

  • Asbestos:

One of the main reasons construction workers have lung cancer is asbestos. This type of dust is found in cement, plaster, insulation, and circuit breakers. Point to note that if asbestos is found in any electrical material, it becomes way more powerful when combined with electrical particles.


Other hazards like mishandling building materials and collapse also put these workers’ lives at risk. Therefore, no matter how you build a home, ensure to look through your family’s safety alongside the ones who helped you build your dream home. Learn more about staying fit and healthy.


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