Chainsaw Accessories

A chainsaw is a mechanical and portable saw which has teeth attached on a rotating chain to carry out various tasks. Some of these tasks include harvesting firewood, cutting firebreak, pruning, bucking, climbing, and tree felling. Since a lot of large force is involved with the saw, operators have to wear enough protecting gear to guard against the noise and vibration of the machine, the sharp chain and the fast movement.

Below are some accessories used with chain saws.

Sharpening vise

A sharpening vise is used to hold the chainsaw in place as the takers or teeth are being sharpened. This helps in preserving the life of the saw blade and chain. When using, the vise is pushed on a log of wood and the screw tightened to hold the saw in place securely.

The chain makes it easy to sharpen all sides by moving freely. The sharpening vise can be adjusted to fit the different sizes of chains. The jaws lock the bar in place with a thumb screw. The thumb screw is tiny and can fit in your pocket making it convenient for you to sharpen the chain anytime when using it.

Chainsaw carrying case

This is a chainsaw bag used to keep your field equipment in place. It makes it easy for you to carry all accessories to the field of work. The bag has compartments that prevents oil from getting on the sled. The bag is resistant to abrasives and has an adjustable shoulder strap made of nylon and 2 handles.

Also, they have zippers leaving room for extra oil. It has frame guides which have double handles to prevent breaking or bending of your tools. It has a flat file and gauge tool that helps in maintaining the height of the teeth as the screwdriver ensures the right tension is achieved.

Chainsaw sharpener

The chainsaw sharpener makes it simple and fast to sharpen a chain saw. This tool saves the effort and time of users by using its own power. When sharpening, it clumps on the guide bar making it convenient and easy to use. It has a sharpening stone which fits in the sharpener mounted in the bars.

The stone functions by ensuring your chain is durable, free from rust, has fine workmanship and is of high quality. The sharpener is made of durable Whitestone and high quality plastic. Also, it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.


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